Chapel Kids

Chapel Kids exists to create safe, fun, and nurturing environments where children experience the love of Christ. We do this through two primary avenues. First, we offer all children age-appropriate worship experiences on Sunday mornings that are both interactive and Bible-based. Secondly, we seek to empower and equip parents and guardians with tools to be the spiritual leaders of their households.


Interested in joining our team?

If you’re interested in serving in Chapel Kids, we encourage you to attend our 4-week Growth Track class. This class occurs every 1st through 4th Sunday of the month at both of our campuses and is designed to help you discover your purpose and find your place at The Chapel. There is no registration needed and you’re welcome to begin on any Sunday of the month you choose. The environment is child friendly. 

Chapel in the Fan:
Felicia Monacell: Elementary [email protected]

Chapel South:
Lauren Rogers: Elementary [email protected]